Ferhan Khan


I have always been very passionate about 3D art and visual effects at a young age, my interest into the 3D visual side of things grew after watching films such as Jurassic park and terminator 2. What attracted me the most about these film was seeing how well the 3D artist were able to capture and create 3d life like models and have them integrated into live action footage, this was the case especially in Jurassic park.

My areas in which I am specifically good at and where my expertise lie is in modelling, sculpting and texturing. I always look for ways in which to develop my work further, I do this by constantly working on my personal 3D artwork or either by watching tutorials given by industry leading experts. I also like to create video tutorials to help other learning artist by sharing the knowledge I gained at university. Every time I come across incredible 3D artwork or either 3d models I always feel inspired and more motivated to push my work to a greater level.One 3d artist that comes to mind is Olivier Ponsonnet, a 3d artist from France. In his work he is able to demonstrate an excellent skill in character modelling, and with his detailed textures and lighting of the scene he is able to create a beautiful piece of 3d artwork.

I graduated from the Ravensbourne college of Design and Communication in 2010 with a 2:2 in BA Animation (Hons). In my final year of my degree I worked alongside five skilled team members to create a 3 minute animation short. Prior to this I completed a two year course in a Foundation degree in Computer visualization and Animation with a grade C+. During the foundation degree I learned how to create traditional 2d and 3d animation sequences. Also I became familiar with the workflow and pipeline needed to create an animation Ident, from concept story boarding to post production.

In my spare time i like to keep fit and active, I am a member of my local gym. I have also been a member of my boxing community gym, as a diehard fan of the sport it was just right for me to sign up and participate in something I love. I am also a diehard gaming freak, from old school classic to next gen games I always have time to play my games.

If you would love to get in contact with me please email me or check out my Linked In page.If you would like a copy of my CV please send me an e-mail



  • Modelling
  • sculpting
  • Texturing


  • Maya
  • 3ds Max
  • Zbrush
  • Photoshop
  • After effects
  • Keyshot